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We are involved in offering quality storage and timely distribution services for pharmaceutical products, encompassing the whole gamut of C&F operations.

We presently handle an average monthly turnover of Rs. 16 Crores, servicing over 350 stockiest covering the region of Telangana. With over 300 products and 950 SKUs, we have a throughput of 22000 shippers per month.

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Our Cold Chain Expertise:

We are specialists in cold chain handling. Our technical and operational expertise can be gleaned from the following :

• Product Range: Presently we deal in the storage and distribution of below 25 Co  2 – 8 Co and (-20) Co products. Following is the breakup of the same.

• Infrastructure: We maintain 9 Walk-in coolers (WICs) with total storage capacity of 10,000 Cu. feet along with generator power backup, as infrastructure for storage of cold chain products. 6 deep freezers are maintained for chillpacks used in product packing.

• Human Resource: We have a separate cold-chain handling team of 5 personnel who are imparted training on a periodic basis to keep abreast with developments in the area.

• Cold-chain Maintenance: WIC temperature sheets are logged thrice daily to ensure storage temperatures. In case of excursions, countermeasure protocols have been established. Case studies have been taken up to establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in chill packs configuration required in accordance with shipper size. Transport agreements are in place to ensure delivery within 24/48 hours. Emergency delivery services for critical vaccines are also provided.

• Volumes involved: Following table brings out the volumes handled on a monthly basis.